A Review of Home Interior and Gift Ideas

Do you know how to give the proud home owner a gift which pleases and how to come up with exciting home interior and gift idea? It's a disaster to give a present which ends up getting recycled either at Christmas or to the nearest charity shop or otherwise just sitting in a cupboard. Not only is it a waste of money when this happens, but it makes you feel like you simply hadn't given the present-giving enough thought.

It's just not possible to see another person's home as they do so you shouldn't feel too upset when your attempt falls a little short - it is said that 'it's the thought that counts'! You could perhaps do better if you treated the operation a bit more like a project, setting out to analyze what might and might not be appropriate.

With the question of suitability about a gift revolving around a home, a first question might be the general one of what is their home like? This form of analysis could then lead to the following questions about the potential recipients and their home:

Does the house in question have a distinct style or styles?
    Is the present for a particular occasion?
    Could the gift serve as a memento?
    Would modern or traditional ephemera be more acceptable?
    Do you know if the recipients collect anything?
    Does the recipient have a garden which forms part of their lifestyle
    Is there a clear or cluttered home in the house in question?
    Is the gift for a home - i.e., for everyone or for particular individuals in the home?
    Could the gift be designed for a workplace or den
    Is there a shared hobby in the house?
    Do the people who live in the house have individual hobbies?
    Do you think that you could give them a 'useful' present?
    Is it a relatively expensive present you're giving?
    Do you know what their response would be to a charity donation given in their name?
    Do you know them well enough to give a way-out present?

Perhaps this idea of making a list may make the whole giving process seem a little impersonal and potentially fraught but, if it can help to free your mind to concentrate upon the nitty-gritty of the present, rather than allowing your thoughts to flit aimlessly from one possible idea to another then it would seem that this has to be a good thing.

The list can have another use as a brain-storming trigger to enable you and your partner to think through the possibilities before getting down to the detail of the presents. Surely, the last thing you want to do is to have to struggle through the shops the day before you wish to give the present in the hope that a gift idea suddenly pops into your head.

The Home

Homes all have their own individual style, be it formally set out or 'just-happened' and there can be many ways of categorizing them. If they fall into the first category of 'formal', then home interior and gift ideas may be quite clearly defined whereas, if they are 'just happened' homes, the style of what you buy may not be its most-important feature. Let's look at some of the more-formal characterizations first, although, it has to be re-iterated, most home tend to be, if not a mishmash, at least a bit of a stylistic mixture.