Graphics of Heroic Proportions
Rock the Box
I am interested in the idea of using humongous graphics in Room Décor. It’s one way we can rock the simple box of a room and make it bold, fun, colorful, and heroic!

There are some very old school ways of doing supergraphics, starting with murals and wallpaper. As the art of wall décor evolved, we get into projected and 3D images and large scale motion picture art, which I am really rocking on right now.

I love the idea of room décor moving, changing. Instead of being locked into a painted color and a few pictures, having the technology to put in a disk and show a beautiful moving picture of an island beach, or a thunderstorm, or an art movie installation -- That’s the evolution of the simple box my friends! So cool, and so flexible in terms of decor.!

What follows is a picture story of the evolution of supergraphics. I hope it fires your imagination to possibilities within your own room box, and get’s your Décor Mojo going!

Shine on! Braxton
Sistine Chapel Graphics

Le Corbusier Mural

Photographic Tiles

Wallpaper with Mod Vibe

Photographic wallpaper- Cool effect!

Another photo wallpaper pic - cool sepia movie graphic story

Love this! Pink and B/W very Yancey!

Bold and heroic!

Classical but modern, cool

Great old school graphic vibe juxt in mod interior

Bold, colorful, more modern styling of large scale graphic

This look is very popular. Fun tendrils

Another popular application using stencils or appliques
Very Mod

Nice! Playful, Fun 

Photo printing on translucent plastic or glass is cool, lit from within

Evolving into projected art image here, nice, changeable, flexible

Photo graphics in a restaurant is mod, colorful

Projected image on huge scale project rocks!

More projections. Mod, colorful, fun

1st 3D projection project. See video at the end of this post!

Flexible TV screen in development

Great Video of 3D projection of supergrahics on a building! Awesome