Is There a Method to our Modness?

I searched Mod Décor recently to find out what the Googlesphere considered Mod. Yancey and I are into the Mod Vibe because it’s Mid-Century, which we love, but also because Mod is a youthful story.

I’ve posted on Mod’s before, they were originally art students in London in the 60’s who rocked the establishment with their love of scooters, cool clothing, American Soul and Jazz music, the Who and the Yardbirds. It was the birth of first youth culture.

Our ModHome collection rocks this vibe, and we are hoping to develop it for licensing or develop the collection ourselves – a least the smaller jewelry pieces like lamps, pillows, storyboards, end and cocktail tables, etc. Exciting stuff! So not furniture store furniture.

What is Mod furniture? In my mind it’s definitely got a Mid-Century Modern soul – clean lines, tapered legs, an economy of materials, bright colors, organic inspired modern graphic patterns, shiny surfaces, comfortable tailored, even boxy upholstery. Perhaps some playfulness, a reference to the atomic age or Jetsonsonian space age design?

What follows is a snapshot of some of what I’ve found recently that is called up by “Mod Décor”. What do you think of the Modness? What is your idea of Mod?
I hope you enjoy!

Shine on! Braxton
Modness in use of bold color, Roundel pillow, Mid-Century furniture, Pop-culture art

Mid-Century but too establishment for Mod? Not enough color, art?

 It's got Mid-Century furniture happening and the pattern is good. Let's play the Mod this Mod?

Or This?

Howbout this? Great color/pattern story, youthful. I know Sarah has to be crunching on these Pugs...

This so Rocks! LOVE IT

Very 007. Rocket attempting re-entry...

Love the B/W and red story, very strong pattern story but Mod?

Jetsonian but Mod?

Too PB? It's got the Mid-Century furniture going for it, and the color, white seems to set up the color nicely, and its clean, youthful...

Monochrome, modern, clean

I think this does the trick

Nice clean, white, futuristic

A little more Retro/Vintage than Mod? Take out the table/chairs and it's 40's 

Another kitchen. Nice pattern/color story, clean...
Nice art and some Mid-Century going on here, nice color mix, but Mod? The wing back chairs give this more of an establishment eclectic vibe.

Modern, clean, futuristic/Jetsonian...

I like the Mid-Century diner vibe here, fun idea, nice boxy uph, good saturated, bold color

Modern, but no classic Mid-Century Modern pieces. Like it though

Fun Modern pieces and great color riot

Again, like this, but Mod? Has some color and organic shape going for it.