I've mentioned I hate gardening.  But, strangely, I have found myself compelled to garden - stumbling toward the patio doors like a zombie, eager to tear out more weeds and get more bugs stuck in my hair.  While gardening, I complain non-stop.  Even if I'm alone.  If I hate gardening, why is it so addictive?!?

Maybe because I employ these strategies:
  1. I reward myself with chocolate.
  2. I let gardening count as my daily dose of exercise.
  3. I remind myself that my backyard is an outdoor room, not a vacant lot I can ignore.
  4. I count the imaginary money we will make on the sale of this house, attributed to my weed pulling and bug flicking efforts.
  5. I compare my efforts with my neighbours' and score our respective gardens.  Gardening is more fun if I can "win".
Right now I'm not winning.  Well, I'm beating a few people.  But you should have seen the garden when we bought the townhouse.  Cats got lost in the thick weeds.  Well, here's a record of the garden today.

In dire need of attention but an IMPROVEMENT

I removed all of the weeds from the patio.

Nice new patio furniture!

On the bright side, the Lily of the Valley I "acquired" last year (one bunch I swiped from my grandparents, the other was mailed to me by my mother-in-law) both transplanted nicely.  My absolute favorite flower.

My front yard looks better . . .