Actually, for the owners of the apartment much easier to order their furniture to the appropriate party marketing recommendation. If they then still ask for service Annahape studio, they presumably had his own reasons. At least they understand the added value that we provide.
     Personality and uniqueness of design. Our studios offer their designs in a few different things. Each of my designs treat the difference. The first one I try to combine bamboo as an accent and the second with a mat in the Foyer and Bedroom.

     Limitations of the apartments is a relatively narrow space while many needs that must be accommodated. Then use the space as closely as possible with plenty of drawers or closets is one way to overcome such problem. 


Say, a person who has a hobby of music, requires a comfortable space to put their musical instruments. So the key to the interior design of the apartments must be functional and compact.
     They also agree about the price. There is no extra budget excessive. to express personality in the design rather than utilizing a mass product that is ready to install.