Does anyone remember the Donny and Marie Osmond song where Marie sings "I'm a little bit country" and Donny responds "I'm a little bit rock and roll" ? No? Well, trust me, it happened. That song could also be a reference to the evolution of our fireplace from a whole lot of country to a little bit rock and roll.  Come on I'll show you....

I don't know what year this was but apparently we were celebrating a down home Christmas.  Yeeyaw!

Slightly less junky...but still.

This is actually right after we bought the house.  Yes, the fireplace bricks really were that hideous.

Another down home Christmas.

Yes, that IS dept. 56 AND a few teddy bears.  I really have no shame.

This is getting extremely embarrassing.
 Enough of the decorating shenanigans that our fire place has had to endure over the years.  Lets move on to..... a little bit rock and roll!
This is our fireplace after a fruitful (very fruitful indeed) trip to an antique store in Buchanan Virginia.  The yellow vase on the left and the green vase on the right are hand blown glass made in West Virginia by the Blenko Company.  Hopefully Braxton will able to share some more information about Blenko later in the week.

I believe this is the first time I've had a completely clear hearth.  What a difference it makes!

All my favorite colors!

I love that you can see through one to the other.

Green and blue are such a killer color combination.

The yellow vase is almost 30 inches high.

This is the display of all the Blenko pieces at the antique store.  It was very difficult to decide because we could only afford to buy two pieces.  I think we chose well.  Don't you?
If any of you have Blenko pieces I would love to know how you have displayed them and care for them.

Have a beautiful day everyone.