Remember this interview?  She talks about her need to be different.  I was a huge Gwen Stefani fan in the 90s, because I was so invested in the concept of individuality and originality.  I'm really happy I didn't have a digital camera 10-15 years ago because I'd feel obliged to show you the inventive outfits I wore.  (A friend may or may not have dressed up like me for Halloween).  I wanted so much to be unusual and I still get a thrill when I can be a teeny tiny bit different. 

Lime green car?  Check.  Billy Buttons are everywhere?  I'll make some, thank you very much.  One of a kind headboard?  Of Course.  I was thinking about this as I examined the accessories I added to my nightstand: both vintage (and stolen from other rooms).  You can't easily duplicate anything from our bedroom except the white West Elm bedding and the lamps (which Blake McGrath has.  I saw them when he was on MTV Cribs.  My lamps are famous.)  And I feel a little tingly about that - the being different, not the famousness of the lamps.  Is that weird? 


Is being different, original or one of a kind important to you?  Is that why vintage is so hot right now?