A Pornicopia of Sexy Decor

We need to have the talk. Yes, THAT talk. The birds and the bees. You see, when a man loves a woman…or when a woman loves a woman, or a man a man, or a man two women…Man, this Mid-Century Free Love thing from the 60’s is crazy confusing. Hey Kid, read this book, get outta here!

Americans can be a little stuck up about talking about SEX – our Protestant roots are showing : ). Hopefully that is changing. People, particularly GenXY people, are seemingly much more free about talking about Sex. That is healthy, cuz, whether we talk about it or not, it IS strictly popular. Look at the Earth’s population for Christsake!

Let’s move on to the topic of Sexy Décor. Its been griping my liver for 20 years that the damn car industry can pitch an Ad to make four wheels and an engine SEXY, but the furniture industry is so old/tired/stodgy that they can’t even make bedroom furniture sexy, instead they pitch an old, dry, antiseptic picture of a traditional bedroom (with no Hottie or couple in bed) and 40% OFF in big letters. How lame can you get?! 40% off! I’m getting all hot and bothered!

I thought I would do a little research into sexy, erotic décor – hoping to find some Moulin Rouge-esque room settings, perhaps some Kama Sutra themed rooms…but they are HARD to find. I also broadened the search into erotic furniture and accessories. Not an easy topic to research, I can tell you.

What follows is a Pornicopia of some quote - sexy roomsunquote, peppered with furniture and accessories designed to provoke that loving feeling. Not for everyone, but fun, perhaps funny, and maybe food for thought as we feather our nests. Hope you enjoy the ride!

Shine on! Braxton

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