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Sneakers—or trainers, as our European friends call them—are possibly the most popular type of shoe in the Western world. Would you pay $50,000 for a pair of sneakers, though? What if they were encrusted with diamonds? Laced Up, a boutique based in Atlanta, Georgia, has just launched a new customization service called Solitaire Kicks. Their first offering, a $50,000 pair of Nike Air Force One “So Cals,” may just be the most expensive sneakers in the world.

Solitaire Kicks offers customers the chance to deck out their sneakers with yellow, blue or white diamonds as well as gold and platinum. Laced Up offers the service in partnership with Prriya & Chintans Couture and Jewelry, with whom customers will consult when customizing their expensive sneakers.

The So Cals themselves bear a Nike logo cast in gold and adorned with 11-carat diamonds. The diamonds’ casings are affixed to the shoes by gold stitching. The most expensive sneakers in the world were presented to rapper Big Boi at the Solitaire Kicks launch party in late November. 

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