Child's bedroom is important to remember the child will spend time learning, beyond their growth in his bedroom. These rooms can be more interesting if adjusted to the character of the child.
Simple steps to plan the interior bedroom child are as follows:
1. Ask what items will still be used. Wherever possible, these items remain contained because it was part of "life" of the child who wants to be close to him.
2. Take a few magazines. Look at the Web sites he frequently visited. See your Facebook or Twitter hers. See also a collection of music CDs or movies he likes. The goal is to find out the lifestyle of children. And just here we can begin to define the style of the bedroom the most comfortable for the child.

3. The next step is to make the concept of development of space vertically. We can take advantage of a height of about 1.2 m from the ceiling to the top of the activity, so this space will have two double simultaneous activity or activities within a space.
4. The upper chamber can be utilized for a more private activity. There could be placed bed, relaxing place to read, or listen to music.

5. Bottom chamber can be used for activities that are far more active. The function of learning, playing music, can be placed here. Watching TV can be placed at the top or bottom depending on how active the child use her TV.

6. Staircase is usually wasted space. In this bedroom, the stairs can be used also as a place to store goods, such as CDs, cameras, books, and others.
7. Lastly, is to make the finishing appearance of this child's bedroom. We can use pictures of idol of the child as ornaments attached to the closet door. For the color space, take the colors that she liked. You do not have to follow a rigid theory of color to a tiny bedroom, as long as it is comfortable for the child and make him stay productive.