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This luxury house is quite the debut for Paris firm Jouin Manku, which was commissioned along with architecture firm YTL Design Group to take on this large-scale integrated architectural and interior design project. This modern home was the first of Jouin Manku’s architectural designs to be built, and talk about first impressions! Located in Kuala Lampur, place says a lot about this home’s unique style of luxury. From the outside, this house is a contradiction – inside meets outside; private meets public; traditional meets modern. It’s peaceful, yet full of movement in its interesting stacked architecture featuring gently curving walls. Huge facades of glass create an endless, open effect, making these already expansive spaces spill out onto the horizon. Inside, this modern house is dripping in exotic luxuries, ideal to cocoon in comfort, or entertain on the grandest scale. White with rich, natural wood is the color palette of choice, mirroring the nature that surrounds this house, and presenting it with a luxurious twist. Just when you thought this contemporary house didn’t have any more to offer, you’re surprised to find nine bedrooms, two dens, a family kitchen and a private dining area, a private library, a game room, a study, a foyer, a formal dining room, a ballroom, a chapel, 21 bathrooms, a swimming pool, indoor parking, two guest suites and guest parking. Vying for centerpiece of this palatial home are a sculptural winding staircase, which resembles a sea shell when viewed from above; and a shimmering chandelier of 13,000 custom-designed cast-porcelain petals. This spectacular 3,000m2 house is home to three generations of family.

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