Current lighting ideas have circulated in the design community. Now, walls are more interesting with cove lighting spreading brilliance across textured surfaces.

Hanging kitchen cabinets have soffit lighting beneath that makes granite countertops sparkle. Stairs looks whimsical with rope lights under their nosing, brightening each step at night. Below are more creative lighting ideas to apply in your interiors.

• Redecorate your ceiling by installing fluorescent lamps in the cove of the drop layers. It emphasizes the layers and adds light volume.
• Place cove lighting underneath your platform beds. It will create a floating effect in the dark and it will serve as a nightlight in your bedroom.
• Add drama to your display shelves and alcoves by pointing spotlights directly at them or through cove lighting inserted in the back wall.

• Use dimmers for the decorative lights in your home. It’s a flexible mood enhancer for any occasion.
• Light up a boring ceiling beam or column with soffit lighting. It can add to the warm ambiance of an area. Consider using warm yellow or other colorful alternatives for design accents such as this.
• Explore the possibilities of LED lights for wall-washers and general lighting in your home. They are energy savers and give off diffused light intensity.

• Window shades and blinds can also be brought to life at night with lighting positioned in between the window treatment and the window frame.
• Do not be content with the lamps available in the stores. Create your own with raw materials such as lantern paper, Capiz shells, broken pieces of stained glass, recycled metal sheets, etc.

• Designing your own droplights is also a good way to personalize your space. Experiment with elements for the drop like chunky beads, copper wires, colorful fabrics and any other trinkets that you can think of.
• Hanging kitchen cabinets with translucent glass surfaces can be lighted within to show off antique china and decorative vases inside.

These are just some ideas to get your mind working. You should always feel free to use and trust your imagination as you create a home that makes you happy as you show it off to friends or just relax within your own special space.