The Indiana Jones-esque Discovery Of A Long Lost Kitch Colony in Virginia

Yancey blogged Monday about an estate sale we enjoyed over the weekend. Our first dig! I don’t know if we can top this one, but we will be keeping a lookout. Too Much Fun!

We’ve enjoyed going to consignment shops, thrift and antique stores for some time, but this was a totally new experience for us.

As Yancey said, I’m not really into the whole idea of battling a huge crowd of folks pushing and pulling each other for cheap junk -- I would rather have a root canal -- but this was actually pretty great, at least on day 2, Saturday. Not too many people, and those there were happy and well mannered and chatty.

The cool thing about this estate sale was it was in the lady’s home, which was great, because you could see the style and whole Mid-Century story clearly – so much more than just a single disembodied lamp in a consignment shop.

It was like uncovering a long lost golden, leopard skin covered, kitchy civilization! Like stepping back into a 1950’s Bling Time Capsule -Mid-Century archeology!

Everything was tagged with a price, and there was no auction, so you could just walk around and shop. Day one was full price, day two 25% off, day three 50% off.

I thought I would share some pictures from the estate sale web site for your viewing pleasure. It was definitely a treasure hunt! If you haven’t shopped one of these sales, I highly recommend it – even if you leave your checkbook at home.

Hope you enjoy!

Shine on! Braxton