Anna is a food lover - she loves to cook and for the more, the merrier. And Tom is an artist who regularly shows his work with the Hannah Barry Gallery.
They have lived in their flat in Peckham, with Omar the cat, for two years. Anna says, “I love things – I love collecting stuff as you go. Tom has just got back from India and he brought back this lovely bedspread and this amazing singing bowl.” If you have never heard or seen a singing bowl in action before, as I hadn’t, you should - it gave me mystical goose bumps.
I really liked being in Anna and Tom’s bedroom. It felt very serene and everything is well placed. Whilst I was taking the pictures, I liked the fact that Omar kept darting in and out, and Anna and Tom just hung out in there, chatting about their plans for the day – it all felt very homely.
When I asked Anna and Tom what they’d save if their bedroom were on fire, Anna said, “Tom, Omar, my toy monkey and Skeli, sitting over there on the red lamp – he’s a family heirloom, and been around for as long as I can remember – my Mum even had to sew his arm back on at one point.”
Tom said, “Nothing – I’m not attached to anything in here, really. Oh, well maybe I'd save my singing bowl.”

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