Once again, I am carrying thoughts and visions in my head of a specific nature. I like writing these "In My Head" articles, because it allows my brain to let go of these recurring thoughts. Sorry to be using all of you for my own therapy;)
My eye is caught by the organic and strange shapes of ocean creatures. They're so mysterious and beautiful! Actually, when I was a little kid; I used to read everything I could about ocean life. Now, I wonder how these shapes can be reinterpreted into furnishings and jewelry, too!
First, I found these colorful anemone bowls made by Element Clay Studio. Wouldn't a collection of these spiny creatures light up any room?

 Lichen tile 
 The nesting scallop bowls can be placed on their backs to use as bowls, or turned upside down to make an ocean inspired sculpture.
 I am REALLY loving the idea of ocean creature shapes as jewelry! The organic texture is very cool. Check out these rings by Happy Go Licky!