The Most Expensive Blog (The home of World's Most Expensive and Luxury) presents Hublot €2 million Big Bang watch.

Swiss watchmaker Hublot has launched a new diamond-covered 18k white gold Big Bang tourbillon watch, which costs a whopping €2 million ($2.8 million).

The new Hublot Big Bang Watch set in 18 carat gold with a gold Big Bang tourbillion comes studded with as many as 142 carats worth of baguette diamonds, which covers the case, dial, and bracelet.

A total of 637 baguette diamonds along with one rose cut diamond on the crown dress up this masterpiece.

More than 13,000 hours were needed to cut the stones (with 45 gemcutters working non-stop for 1 month), which then took 2,000 hours to set.

The watch comes with a caliber HUB 6003 manually wound tourbillon movement with off-centered time display.

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