Whiteness is a venereal disease in women (vagina) where there is liquid or creamy white kekelabuan either dilute or thick, foul odors and can cause intense itching. Almost all women have experienced vaginal discharge or pektay in Chinese language.
Disease female reproductive disorders could be caused by several things, namely fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasites. Below is a brief explanation of each factor is the trigger or cause of vaginal discharge:

1. fungus
Generally caused by candida albicans fungi that cause intense itching around the vulva / vagina. Color whitish liquid from mushrooms yellowish white with a distinctive smell. Whitish fungus can be caused by pregnancy, use of birth control pills, steroids, diabetes, obesity, antibiotics, low immune system, and so forth.
2. Bacteria
Usually caused by the bacterium Gardnerella and whiteness is called bacterial vaginosis with the characteristics of the liquid is diluted with grayish white fishy smelling. Whitish due to bacteria usually appear during pregnancy, the couple mutually, the use of a spiral or IUD kb and so forth.
3. Virus
Vaginal discharge caused by a virus usually inherited from the disease hiv / aids, condyloma, herpes and others that could trigger the emergence of uterine cancer. Whitish herper virus transmitted from sexual relations with any symptoms of blister wounds around the vagina with fluid it felt itchy and hot. While the condyloma has a characteristic symptom is a lot of warts with liquid body odor that often affects the mother understand.
4. Parasite
Whitish due to parasites caused by the parasite Trichomonas vaginalis is transmitted from sexual contact / sexual intercourse with a yellow green liquid with a bad smell thick and frothy. Sometimes it can be itchy and irritating. This white parasite can be transmitted through the exchange of toiletries, and loan-meninjam underwear, toilet occupy contaminated, and so forth.