I finally finished my painting!  But it is SO dreary & rainy here today, I can't take a proper picture.  It is so dark and blah.  Argh.  Hopefully this afternoon the weather will clear up.  In the meantime let's chat about an artist I have been googling.  I am currently loving Gerald Ferguson's work.  To me, although some of his pieces lack colour, they are so peaceful but interesting - like the one he is photographed with, below.

Photo Source

I love this installation piece he did:

1,000,000 Canadian Pennies
Photo Source

I won't be installing any pennies of my own, but I do find his work inspirational:

No. 27
Photo Source

250 ft of Spiral Hose
Photo Source

I recently saw one of his pieces in real life.  Unfortunately, I can't find a "snaggable" pic, so click here if you want to check it out.  The photo doesn't do the subtle texture justice.

The painting, artist unknown, really reminds me of Ferguson's work:

Blueprint Magazine, via Decorology

Maybe it is the sad, sad weather, but I'm feeling "mellow" today.  No bright colours for me today.  In fact, I'm planning another painting for the half bathroom that will be all texture & movement, but subtle colour.