Apparently in Aloe vera leaves contain several substances that are good for beauty treatments and medications. Aloe vera (Aloe Vera Linn) has been known for thousands of years ago.This plant originated from Africa. Aloe vera into Indonesia brought by a Chinese peasant in the 17th century. The name for this plant is very variable, depending on the country where grown.
Aloe vera can grow in dry areas, like Africa, Asia and America. This is due to the plant could close the stomata (mouths) of leaves until the meeting in the dry season to avoid water loss from leaves. Aloe vera can also grow in cold climates. The downside, if planted in wet areas with high rainfall, susceptible to fungus.

Stem tananan aloe vera fibrous or woody. In general, very short and hardly noticeable as it is covered by dense leaves and partially buried in the soil. Spear-shaped leaves of aloe vera with strands of elongated, thick fleshy, not reinforced, grayish green, and have a waxy coating on the surface. Aloe vera leaves are sekulen, which contain water, sap and slime.
Aloe vera trumpet-shaped flowers along the 2-3 cm, yellow and arranged encircling the end of the shaft tower dangling above. Aloe vera is rooted fibers. Aloe vera contains two types of liquids, which is clear like jelly and containing a yellowish liquid aloein. Jelly Aloe vera can be obtained with a split trunk.
Jelly contains anti-bacterial and anti fungal. In the jelly also contains salicylates, which can reduce pain and anti-swelling. While the yellowish fluid that contains aloin contained latex comes from the outside skin. This fluid can be used to laxatives.
The liquid aloe vera has the acidity (PH) such as human skin. This can avoid the occurrence of skin allergy for their use. The presence of lignin and polysaccharide compounds provide the ability to penetrate the skin properly, as well as carriers of nutrients needed skin. Amino acids contained in it will help the development of new cells, as well as eliminate cells that have died.
And here are the ingredients that we can make from aloe vera to cure some diseases:
LaryngitisHow Concocting: 1 Aloe vera leaves are washed and peeled. It contained chopped or blended. Add 1 tablespoon of pure honey. Drink 3 times daily.
HemorrhoidHow Concocting: Half (1 / 2) stem prickly aloe vera leaves removed, washed, and shredded. Give half (1 / 2) cup of hot water, then wring it out. Add 2 tablespoons of honey. In warmer conditions, drink 3 times a day.
ConstipationHow Concocting: Half (1 / 2) stems from aloe vera leaves are washed and peeled. The content is cut into small pieces. Brewed with half (1 / 2) cup of water. Give 1 tablespoon honey. Warm food 2 times a day.
Diabetes mellitusHow Concocting: 2 sticks of aloe vera leaves, washed, discarded needles, cut into pieces. Boil 3 cups water, then strain. Drink 3 times daily after meals, each with half a glass.
Lowering blood sugar levelsHow Concocting: 1 stem of aloe vera large size (about the size of your palm) is cleaned by peeling the skin and thorns. Soak about 30 minutes in salt water. Squeeze a while and then rinse under running water (tap water). Boil 3 cups water to boil. Chill. Drink as much as 1 / 2 cups, 2 to 3 times daily.
Hair fertilizerHow Concocting: 2 midrib aloe vera are washed and peeled. The contents rubbed on the scalp that had been washed in the afternoon. Wrap with cloth. The next day the hair is rinsed. Do it every day for 3 months.
Cough (stubborn)How Concocting: 20 g aloe vera leaves are washed, peeled, cut into pieces. Give 2 tablespoons of pure honey. Drink 2 times a day. Repeat for 10 days.