Yesterday morning I blogged about how the weather was dreary.  Well, it cleared up midday, but I was busy filling out an application for a scholarship (that required a medical - sheesh).  By the time I was ready to take some pictures it was becoming overcast again but I took pictures anyway, thinking it would only get drearier.  Then I went back to work on the application and when I took a break for dinner it was brighter, but the sun was heading downwards.  The lesson here is that the weather is seriously screwing with me.

But I prevailed.  I have some photos to share, although they are a touch gloomier than I prefer.

Remember this blank wall in our kitchen?

Now it looks like this:


From the other angle

This is without natural light - darn cloudy skies!

Yep, this is the painting I started days and days ago.  When it comes to non-essential projects I operate on "Tanya Time," which runs a bit delayed due to frequently distractions. 

Tomorrow (possibly Wednesday . . . Thursday if we're talking Tanya Time) I will post about how I DIY'd this painting.  Along with blogging about what I did (which is really straightforward) I'll show you what colours I mixed to produce crisper pastels or vintage-y pastels (there's a trick).  I will also post about the other, newer splashes of colour peppered about the kitchen and what elements of the room served as my inspiration.  It has certainly been a while since I posted anything new about the kitchen (other than the post about the fridge).  Let's hope the sunlight cooperates!