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When the warmer months hit, it might also be time to go out and add a few new pieces to your summer wardrobe. But if you want the most expensive women’s shorts, you’ll need to dig into your brand new pockets, and you’re going to have to dig deep. These shorts cost over two grand, and for that you might think that they’re encrusted with diamonds. That makes sense but because wearing diamond-encrusted shorts can become uncomfortable (and let’s face it, just isn’t practical), you’ll need to settle for the next best thing – the softest lambskin leather you’ll be able to find anywhere.

The entire exterior of the shorts is made from soft lambskin leather, and they are even pleated at the waist, with the pleat traveling down the length of the short to the cuffed lambskin hem. They feature belt loops, a zipped front, and a hook closure. And, for women who might still think that wearing leather shorts doesn’t exactly scream comfort, there’s a nude cotton liner inside to keep one in ultimate comfort, while keeping with ultimate style.

The shorts are called Chloe Lambskin Leather Pants and they retail for a whopping $2,015. And, if you do happen to have pockets deep enough for that kind of summer wear, the only other real question is, what will you wear with them?

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