A guest's entry via car into Vizcaya would take them through the Entry Loggia and then into the Entry hall, seen in green on the floor plan below. Chalfin decorated the space in strict Neoclassical style, as if the renaissance house had been renovated in the 18th century.
Wallpaper panels from Joseph Dufour, Paris painted in 1814 decorate the walls and elaborate plaster moldings echo the marble floors.The space is small but makes QUITE the impression!The delicate plaster work on the ceiling is like icing on the cake, literally!Off to the sides of the window are seperate lady and gentleman's cloak and powder rooms.This mixing of styles and the light color palette here is perfect for the Florida climate.I loved these little mirrored sconces!The painted finishes throughout are just phenomenal. On the opposite side of the reception room, seen above in blue- is the North hall and telephone booth.The north hall has elaborate rusticated walls of local Florida limestone meant to look like Italian stonework. A little telephone room also decorated in 18th century style seems like the height of luxury to me -especially in 1918!
Up next, the library and reception rooms!