I had the pleasure of spending time with Vicente Wolf on his trip to Vancouver where he spoke at the Buildex convention. Albarosa Simonetti had put together an itinerary of  Native Art Galleries and we spent the afternoon looking for Inuit dolls made of Caribou antler for Vicente’s private collection. As well as showing Vicente the sights of Vancouver we had lots of time to talk about design, travel, photography and share stories.

Patricia Gray, Vicente Wolfe, Albarosa Simonetti at Buildex Vancouver

Patricia Gray, Vicente Wolf at Inuit Gallery Vancouver

Narwhal Gallery: Samonie Toonoo - Hockey Player
Inuit Caribou Antler Dolls

These Inuit dolls carved from Caribou antler which is a renewable resource, shed by the animal annually, have the arms and legs attached with sinew. Their antecedence is in ancient Inuit history, and were often the only toy that a small girl would have. They are absolutely charming in their simplicity. I would not have known about them were it not for Vicente’s passion for collecting.

imageVicente Wolfe Collection of Inuit Dolls in his Montauk home

Top 2 photos: Albarosa Simonetti
Photo 3 Photo Credit
Bottom Photo Credit