Is it just me...or do Tuesdays come around really quickly?
How's your week so far?
As you know, last week was a bit of a fizzer for me...
but I'm happy to report that I took your advice
"actioned" a risotto (thank you FF)...
poured a glass or two of wine...and drank them
read...a lot (I have those chairs 'em to bits) loads of sleep (even an unheard of afternoon nap. I must have been really tired)
but no exercise to speak of unless you count a very embarrassing tussle with a leaf blower...don't ask!
did some house cleaning (that did make me feel better...wasn't sure it would!)
put the music on and ramped up the volume...
so thanks you lot...I know where to go when I need some good if that was ever in question :)
yes I know there are 12...consider it a a consolation prize for summer ending :)