Remember how my West Elm bedding took FOREVER to be shipped (as in, I ordered it in November and got it end of February).  Well, as I eluded to, there was another hiccup.  When I received the bedding (see it in my spruced up bedroom here), there were some pink stains - we think from where the fabric was marked for the hand sewn square tucks.  Here's a few shots after a number of washes:

Not the best photo - look at the middle of the pic . . .

West Elm has awesome customer service and offered a replacement, except the cases are still back ordered and I'd be at the end of the waiting list (again) plus I had to arrange my own shipping.  I decided just to let sleeping dogs lie - once the squares "puffed" up in the dryer and I threw on the silk pillows, no one is the wiser. 

Plus, as my mom aptly pointed out, anyone staring that close to the bedding is going to get a boot to the rear anyway. 

Just wanted to share one of my (many, many) decorating hiccups.  Kinda awesome, though, to have such insignificant problems be the worst of my problems, right?  What have some of your decorating hiccups entailed?