Behind one of the many dusty doors that line Kingsland road in Dalston - above one of the commrcial premises, lives Nic and her girlfriend. Her bedroom doubles up as her office where she has just launched her new clothing range from, EagleRam. She says that she's never really been into very girly, flowery things, but her taste was swayed when she was left the Cath Kidston style bedspread and the Tiffany lamp by her Step Nan. The beautiful vintage Dior shoes were also her Nan's, but unfortunately they are too small for Nic.
When I asked her what she'd save if her bedroom were on fire, she said, "I'm not that sentimental and I'm not really bothered about things. I would definitely save my imac. It has my life on it - from my work to pleasure."

Find Nic on Twitter @EagleRam