In yesterdays post I mentioned how much Braxton and I enjoyed the mint juleps at the Williamsburg Inn.  Hands down the best cocktail ever!  I've tried to find the recipe from the Inn, and no such luck, but I did find the following recipe in my dogeared/splattered/all around disgusting copy of The Joy of Cooking.  Enjoy!
Mint Julep

Combine in a bar glass:
2 teaspoons simple syrup (recipe to follow)
6 medium -sized mint leaves
1 dash angostura bitters

Bruise leaves gently with muddler and blend all ingredients by stirring together.*  Pour into bar glass:
1 large jigger bourbon whisky
stir again.  Pack pre-chilled glass with ice and strain into  the above mixture.  With a bar spoon, churn ice up and down.  Add more ice to within 3/4 inch of top.  Add:
1 pony whisky
Repeat churning process until glass begins to frost.  Wash and partially dry:
a long sprig of fresh mint and dip it in powdered sugar.
Decorate glass with the sugared mint sprig.  Insert long straws and serve.

Simple syrup
Boil for 5 minutes 1 part water to 2 parts sugar, or half as much water as sugar.  Keep the syrup in a bottle, refrigerated, and use it as needed.

*Ms. Joy of Cooking doesn't mention this, but our bartender at the W'burg Inn, took the fresh mint and rubbed it along the inside of the glass with his fingers! 

Oh joy Oh bliss!

Have a beautiful day.