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rowsing through the bookstore this afternoon, I caught a glimpse of a Jonathan Adler design book. I perused it and was giggling with joy! : ) Not really, cause that probably would've made me look very odd to the people sitting at the cafe. But, inside I was! This book is filled with so many yummy, eye catching photos of interiors! Wow! So, I had to look him up further online and write about him today. Then... I find out he's got a website with all sorts of awesome things! What?!? I know, I know... some of you are saying... "You've never heard of him Mina? What is wrong with you?" No, I have heard of him, of course. But, I'd never looked into his designs. Very cool!
I sure hope everyone had a fantastic Monday. I'm on Spring Break & have the rest of the week off. So, I'm a pretty happy camper! I just did... nothing today. Just went to the bookstore, the thrift shop and hung out with my bff and godson over some delicious Asian cuisine. Yum! Absolutely awesome day! Here's to tomorrow! Another day of nothingness! Yay!
Happy Decorating!