handmade pendant lamps by Filigree Creations - $40

wooden peace signs by SlippinSouthern - $79

spring garland by annemariebreiblog - $20.22 crochet pillow by lacasadecoto - $69.31

P erhaps it's the fact that spring is right around the corner or the fact that I'm really looking forward to wearing all my summer dresses again... I don't know... but, I'm feeling colorfully happy today! : ) Thus, I chose colorful Etsy picks! Granted, the skies are still pretty gray out there. But, hey... gotta keep a good, positive attitude, right?!? Right! So, that's what I'm determined to do! How about you? What's your Tuesday been like? Exciting? Same 'ol? Boring? I hope it was good and productive for all of you. I'm going to go snuggle up on the couch and watch Glee later on. It's moments like that where I don't mind the rain one bit. Until tomorrow!

Happy Decorating!