teething toys by littlealouette- $28
owl toys by robinandmould - $31

felted wool mobile by sqrlbee - $70

elephants print by trendypeas - $24

burp cloths by suryadesigns - $18


t seems like everywhere I turn recently there's a baby being born or someone getting pregnant. So... baby dust is definitely falling and it inspired today's Etsy picks. : ) Heck... after seeing these cute handmade products I want to be a baby again! MOM! Where are you???!!??? : ) Heh.... ; ) I hope you enjoyed todays picks. If your expecting or already have a little one, I do encourage you to look through Etsy for some A-dorable baby/kids handmade items. You are sure to find something unique. I don't know about you, but I love unique stuff. When I see something unique, I usually get it. Just because if I don't, then I'm afraid I'll never find it again! Example: Last weekend at an awesome Moroccan goods boutique in town I ran into these cute elephants and just HAD to get 'em! My husband was like "Um... okay." I didn't care, I had to have them right then and there because I was afraid they wouldn't be there if I waited until another time. So... for $12.50... it was a good deal. : ) I hung them in the kitchen. : ) Aren't they so cute?? Plus elephants are good luck, you know...

Happy Decorating!