Months ago, in the midst of trying to find the perfect duvet cover, I asked Apartment Therapy readers for help (see here).  Here is my super scientific tally of suggestions I got for the bedroom:

Keep Bedding
+ Add Coloured Pillows
New Bedding
Deal (Ditch) 
With Bedskirt

It was also suggested that we get new curtains, paint the wall, add a rug, or add accessories.  All good ideas.  But we couldn't (and didn't want to) implement all of them. . .  

Here is what we did:
Here's what we kept:
Here's what we need to do:
  • Add some more artwork (?)
  • Add more nightstand accessories - at least a "catch all" for my bedside table too
  • Change the knobs on my small chest from gold to silver

Without further ado, here is what the room looked like when we moved in:


After installing new flooring, painting, etc., the room looked like this:

Better . . .

Not bad, but dull.  And a major departure from the crisp white and bright colours of the guest room down the hall.  Now, the crisp white sheets look so inviting but the puckered duvet cover & shams add some texture.  In general, the white bedding really brightens the room.  The colourful artwork, pillows, and accessories really make the room cheerier.  The bedskirt, a surprise purchase, is so much more glam than the plain cotton one.  I love the sheen and subtle hint of colour.


Spot the difference . . . hint: the lights!

We're using this vintage piece for a "catch-all":
hubby's watch, cell, wallet - it all gets corralled here

The perfect curtain rod - a bit squarish & black

The new bedskirt!

And, at nighttime: