Where does a great storyteller and writer get inspired? What feeds the minds that shape new environments and situations? Writers give us part of our history, education, and entertainment, and sometimes even change the world with their words.
The entire process of writing is very intriguing to me. Of course, as a designer and pragmatist; I find myself also wondering about Where a writer works when creating something new. I believe that the environment we choose for ourselves can affect our thoughts and actions. So, when I saw Re-nest's photos of famous writers' work spaces; I almost jumped out of my seat! They are fantastic!!
The pictures above are of Roald Dahl's hut. Why is it, that the yellow door and cozy clutter are just what I would have imagined for the creator of Willy Wonka and the fantastic Mr. Fox?
Mark Twain's space. He is my personal favorite. No matter how many books I read or how old I get, I still love none more than Huckleberry Finn:)
Thoreau's cabin at Walden Pond. I thinks this proves that living with simplicity allows the mind to think clearly. Talk about an environment that inspired world changing words!!
George Bernard Shaw's "London". Haha! Love the back story behind that name.