Sorry to anyone who just Googled that hoping to learn how Kate Moss spends her afternoons or what she has for elevenses.  Although I think I can answer the second question.  Air.

Anyway, I had an unusually successful thrifting day yesterday, and I want to show you (hence the whole super model thing). 
This LBD is Ann Taylor, and fits me like a dream.  Thank you AT for doing petites so well.  Notice I've already broken one my rules as this doesn't have a waist, but I can always belt it.

I found this fantastic vintagy pocketbook at Goodwill for $2.00.  Notice I switched out my white bracelet for a black/white/red one.  I found this bracelet in an antique store a couple years ago for probably $3.00.

Another Goodwill find.  Lets just pretend this is an Hermes Kelly Bag shall we?

Oops.  This lighting is soooo much better. 

Remember this jacket?  I call it my multi-colored magically goes with everything jacket.  Every girl needs one.

Now, I want you to take a look at these earrings.  I found these in the same antique store I found the bracelet.  They are a little heavy, but they elevate every outfit to modtastic baaby.

Oh, now I get it.  When you take a picture of yourself in a mirror - look at the camera not at yourself.  Ah - ha!

Close up of the earrings.  They are made from teeny/tiny shells, or maybe they're just plastic, who cares,  the point is it's really hard to take a close up of your ear!

Check these out!  These are like no shoes I've ever owned before.  I'm trying to break out of my black pumps rut.  How am I doing?  BTW:  in case you can't see, these are Oscar, yup THAT Oscar.

God I love Goodwill.  This is actually a little sheer (so glad you can't tell in this picture).  I could always wear it as a night gown.

Getting a little full of myself now.  Weeeee!
I've decided to make a change in my thrifting strategy.  Due to my lack of stature, simple clothes have always looked best, so I'm going with that.  The good news is, that leaves room to concentrate on accessories, and god knows I do love accessories.  Shoes, hats, gloves, colorful stockings, jewelry, scarfs, oh my! Did I mention shoes?

Want to know what this International Super Model is off to do next?  Clean the bathroom.  Oh, will the glamour never end?

Have a beautiful weekend everyone.