1. Dorothy Dietreich Dorothy was a magician from Pennsylvania, USA. As a woman, she chose a pretty extreme magic flow, namely escapology and stage magic. Dorothy was the first woman to display the show to break away from the straitjacket (the jacket worn by the patient's mental hospital) while suspended several feet above the ground tied to a burning rope. Show others the most famous was when he caught a bullet fired by his mouth.

2. Juliana Chen Juliana Chen is a magician who was born in Hunan province, China. At first, he acrobatics and juggling to his art. However, due to recurring foot injury, finally she chose to move the bow to the magic world. Juliana Chen is a magician who relies on Magic Classic wing hand speed. Because of his achievements on stage, many people who called Juliana's as "The World's First Lady of Magic" 

3. Trixie Bond From the flow of magic cards, Trixie Bond is a very popular figure. She is from Houston, and the flow of magic flagship is "Close-Up Card Magic". He often appeared on several television shows for children, and became one magician remains contracted for "Magic Island", a luxurious five-star dinner club. 

4. Krystyn Lambert Krystyn regarded as a magician woman who has a bright future and could become a future star in the world of magic. His professional career as a magician begins at the age of 12 years. Currently, Lambert was 18 years old. Lambert is known as a magician who often displays Classic Magic, combined with ballet performances on stage. 

5. Autumn Morning Star Do not be surprised if you find out that "Autumn Morning Star" was the original name. female magician is derived from the Indians, who are often also referred to as "The Red Leather", indigenous inhabitants of the American soil. Autumn is known as a Ilusionis who always combines performance with traditional Indian music. 

6. Melinda Saxe A famous magician who appeared at various casinos in Las Vegas. Melinda was married to Lance Burton, a world famous magician classic wing. Melinda nickname is "The First Lady of Magic". One of Melinda's famous stage act is "Drill of Death", an illusion is quite extreme. However, Melinda Saxe also received considerable criticism. Many consider Melinda rely too much on appearance and sex appeal than the ability to play magic to boost his career and popularity 

7. Maria Gara Mary was a magician who uses snakes and other exotic animals in performances. He dubbed the "Snake Babe" and also worked as a model. In addition to snakes, Maria also featuring fire eating and comedy performances on stage. In the action stage, Maria is also often assisted by "Girls Snake" other equally beautiful and attractive.