Great idea for recycled record wall curtain
Room Dividers -Searching for cool ways to break up a great room or give privacy to a small space...

We’ve got a small cottage to Mod-ify, about 1500 square feet after turning our garage into a Studio for the girls and for BYdesign. We’ve had a great time transforming AcornHill from Over-the-Hill looking on the inside, to colorful, youthful, and FUN! Yancey, says we are “Youthanizing” the space.

The challenge of the day is that we have a laundry room that is now a great ugliness (we'll share pics later) as we go downstairs and use our Studio. In the past we could ignore the eyesore, but no more. And so we are looking at using a curtain room divider perhaps to visually separate the hallway from the washer/dryer/cleaning supply mess, yet, Yancey wants some light in that room – we don’t want to totally wall the space off.

We also have a space in our kitchen above the counter top that separates our newly acquired Danish Modern Dining Room from the kitchen that we would like to make more stylish and private, perhaps with a hanging room divider, but again, not cut the light or chop up an already small space. A challenge! Yay!

Thought I would share some inspiring ideas from my research on ways to separate space – whether in a great room, or in a small cottage like ours, or an apartment shared by other roomates.

Hope you enjoy!

Shine on! Braxton

Re-purposed book covers! Left Click to ZOOM

Classic Mid-Century stained glass styling

Inexpensive bead curtain - probably get this from Spencers or Target - but MOD BABY!

Translucent panels visually separate space but let in the light. Nice!

Mod Jonathan Adler-esque room divider

Stunning color story with graceful arched movement. A winner!

Bunching open shelving systems add storage and divide space. Can add another unit as needed... 

Delicate hanging curtain. Love this!

Fantastic serpentine open shelving. Very nice!

Love the Mod-ness here! Again, add panels as needed.

Fun idea could be used as a space divider

Another recycled record story. Covered here with inexpensive contact paper and linked by wire. Hummm...what's your fav?