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on't know about you, but looking at these Danish Modern desks makes me want to replace my boring ol' Pier 1 desk. : ) But... I'll resist... for now! I mean, with a desk this sleek, how can you become a mess? Although, I can become a mess anywhere under the proper circumstances. So, I don't know. But, atleast it would motiviate me to keep it clean and clutter free. Don't you think? How was everyone's weekend? Everyone's Monday? I hope it was wonderful. I know I've been missing in action for about a week now. My sincere apologies lovely readers. : (
I wasn't feeling a-okay a couple of weeks ago and then I thought I was fine. But then! Stinky luck would have it that I get struck with a 100 degree fever last Tuesday while at work! I'm a champ though. I worked through the day, came home and went straight to sleep after some fever medicine. Next day? Did that again. No fever, but went to bed at 3:30 in the afternoon! I just figured I'd make myself rest as much as humanly possible. And, it worked! By the end of the week I was as good as new! : ) Yay! Healthy and wellllll rested! So, that's where I've been. Pretty much asleep most of the week. Glad to be back this week!
Happy Decorating!