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Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I must get up at 4:50 a.m. each and every morning (yes... you read that correctly... 4:50 A.M!!)... but, I have become quite acquainted with alarm clocks. I figure, if I have to get up at such a ridiculous hour every day, I may as well do it with a cute alarm clock on my night stand. Granted, old clocks tend to hum pretty loudly... so I stopped using them as alarm clocks and I now use my trustworthy cell phone. But, they still look mighty cute! See??? Here's a picture of one we use in our kitchen... : )

I sure hope everyone had a beautiful start to their week. : ) Being a teacher has its perks. I got the day off for Presidents Day. :) Thank goodness for Presidents! : ) I made a resolution to not turn on the TV all day (which I rarely do anyway, so it wasn't a tough resolution to keep) and spend the day relaxing instead (which I usually do, so it was easy to do). : ) I set up shop in our backyard and read out there for a while. The doggies ran around. The sun was out. It was about 75 degrees and windy. Just awesome! I then cooked the hubs and I some Chinese grub! Yep! I made it! Didn't order it! MADE it! Ha! : ) Then I read some more... Now... after I blog I will... read some more. See? Just chilling the day away. Amaaaazing how slow a day without television can be. Try it! Totally worth it! Until tomorrow friends!!
Happy Decorating!