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couple of years ago my husband and I went to the local university's art studio on one of our date nights. We try to get in some of those at least once in a while. : ) I remember seeing these odd looking paintings and getting "lost" in them. I thought "Wow. Those are amazing. Who is that by?" Now... keep this in mind... I am in no way, shape, or form an art guru. There were plenty of those there. You know the type. They all walked around sloooowly, with perfect bangs, magnificent skin and a flawless grip on their wine glass as they sipped and looked up carefully and intensely at each and every piece with a critical eye. They would say things like "That piece is magnificent in movement and form. The stroke is so harsh to the eye, yet so kind to the canvas..." I don't know! I'm just making up some artsy mumbo jumbo! Remember... I'm NO art guru. This was me... "Hey honey! Look at THAT one? Wouldn't that look AWEsome in our living room!?!?" Husband's response: "Um... yea... it's a Rauschenberg. Look at the price tag." Me: "Oh." As my enthusiasm waned down and my thoughts of Pier1 came to the forefront. But, here we are... years later and I still think about that artist. Robert Rauschenberg. I may not be an artsy fartsy, hoity toity, snootie tootie... but I do know that Rauschenberg was an American artist of abstract art and pop art who was at the highlight of his career during the 1950s. He's also known for his "combines" in which he utilized objects and materials to create artwork (a combination of his art work and sculpting capabilities). Take that snooties! ; ) So... I dedicate today's Mid-Century Monday to Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008).

Happy Decorating!