We don't know our neighbours that well.  We chat sometimes outside.  The husband has come over to check out what we're doing when we're working on a project in the garage.  We've held onto packages while they've been away.  That kinda thing. 

Well, as you know the snow really piled up overnight.  I was dreading this morning because I have to leave the house and my hubby is not available to shovel (he works an odd shift at work, to say the least).  So shovelling was in the cards for me.  Except when I looked out my window to survey the damage, I saw this:

And my neighbour was headed back to his house with shovel in hand.  He cleared the drive & the walkway!!  I emailed my thanks (going over and sharing this cold would have been cruel).  What else can I do?  Bottle of wine?  Baked goods?  Would you give a mini thank you gift?  Or have I been watching too much Desperate Housewives (what would Bree do)? 

Thoughts?  Tell me about your relationship with your neighbours.  I'm new at this home owner thing . . .

P.S. I emailed my hubby and told him, asking for advice and this is his reply:

"That's great!  I don't know what would be appropriate.  Canadian Tire gift card?  A few jugs of washer fluid?  Cookies?"

I love that a few jugs of washer fluid is a great gift idea according to my hubby.  He'd be totally jazzed with washer fluid (a few jugs, mind you) as a gift.  Hence the no gift-giving policy in our relationship.