I love getting mail that isn't a utility bill (or worse).  Months ago my grandparents sent me a box of homemade cookies in the mail, which was so cute.  Just now they sent us a belated wedding gift from a relative in Hungary (see here for more info on our wedding) . . .

My relative in Hungary hand embroidered this beautiful table doily (for lack of a better word).  I'm not normally into the "frilly" but this is so gorgeous.  I love the white on white. 

It still has to "relax" a bit from being folded for so long.
My grandma said an old Hungarian trick is to lie it between the mattress and boxspring

I've seen a lot of colourful Hungarian embroidery (I have a few small pieces and also some articles of clothing, including a bitchin' embroidered wool jacket) but not many pieces with the white on white.  So pretty!  Its neat, too, because the embroidery styles vary from region to region. 



I wanted to put it on the kitchen table, but I think it might be too messy in there . . .

. . . so for now the puffins have a new home (they used to living on the dining room table; see here).

I am thinking a big, pottery bowl will look great on the new embroidery.  The puffins looked weird on the embroidery.  I'm thinking one of the stunningly simple Shane Norrie pieces I have been ogling (see here) would look amazing.


This embroidery, by the way, is so gorgeously done that it took me a few hours to realize I had it backward.