Mid-Century Print - $17

Everyday Is Special - $16

Eames Rocker - $20

{all images via Handz Etsy shop}

y favorite thing when browsing through Etsy is discovering a talent I haven't seen before. When I discovered the shop Handz, I was super duper happy! I have always been a big fan of Cathrine Holm. So, when I saw the Cathrine Holm inspired print it was like the skies opened wide, the sun rays shone down and the choirs echoed from up above! Wowza! Instant love! Plus, I loved the rest of the selection as well. So, I'm happy to share these with all of you.
Hopefully your Tuesday wasn't too painful. Tuesdays are sticky, you know? They're closer to last weekend than they are to next weekend.... sooooo like.... I'm not so sure I like Tuesdays that much..... mnnnnn.... ya.... not so much. no. no. not so much. Until tomorrow ya'll!
Happy Decorating!