{all photographs by Jessica Peterson}

reat photography is something that deeply inspires me. So, when I find an amazingly young talent running around like Jessica Peterson, it makes me stop dead in my tracks and say "Hey! you're pretty nifty! And everyone should know it!!" Now, you've probably heard heard her name before on my blog because I've mentioned her a couple of times in the past week. I met Jessica at the Alt Summit in Utah last month. She was our guide during our Saturday photo tour outing. When she told me she had a blog, I put her card away with the other gazillion cards I'd collected and looked it up later with all the others when I made it back home. I was delighted to see the photographs she posts on her blog. All taken by her! Just awesome! I wish I took pictures like that! What talent! The photo shoot above is one that truly struck a chord with me. She titled it "Falling." It's of her friend Claire. Aren't they stunning? Brilliant. Just brilliant. And Claire? Courageous! So the world better watch out! Cause Jessica Peterson is here and she's amazingly talented! Check out her blog here! You will love it! Trust me!
Happy Decorating!