Atomic Age Jet-Inspired and Nuclear Powered Cars
Prototypes for a Bright New Optimistic Future

Yesterday we explored the Atomic Age and it's influence on life and design in Mid-Century America. One of the coolest things I ran across in my quest for Atomic Age design was cars - prototype cars for a new age!

Now I'm not a car nut. Generally I buy the most reliable car on the market, because I commute and I don't have the time or talent to futch with cars. In the past these have been Camry's. Right now I drive a Prius for the mileage, the Toyota reliability story, and the greener story. Not exciting design, but practical (why can't Toyota and others design a better looking car? They've got the function, but no sex appeal - their mojo is a no show! ).

Man, I'm tired of being practical. One day I'll buy a hot car if the industry would wake up and make one that has got the right stuff. I may have to find an antique car to get something that really knocks my socks off though.

I remember playing with Matchboxes and Hot Wheels as a kid. Great toys. Small, inexpensive and imagination stretching. Matchboxes were more like regular street vehicles, but the The Hot Wheels -Whoa! they had really great styling - they were modified cars - hot rods with wild saturated colors and detailing, big mag wheels with shiny hubcaps - very cool! Plus you could race em down inclined tracks and they were much faster than Matchboxes.

I see some Hot Wheels- type futuristic and suped up rocket styling in some of these Atomic Age prototypes. They are so COOL!

Hope you enjoy!

Shine On! Braxton 

Ford Nucleon. A Nuclear Powered Car! Freaking Amazing. Only drawback, aside from your skin glowing at night of course, was a fender bender could turn ugly...

Rocket Man!



Chicks dig a Shark nosed Rocket Car

Another Star Wars beauty ready for lift off

James Bond would be proud. Loaded with extras...machine guns, oil slick button, ejector seat - the works!

Very Jetsonian

Fun idea

The Batmobile. Another chick magnet!

Great amphibious prototype.