I've been asked questions about some of the art work in our house and it has been awhile since I've written an "Art Attack" post (see here, here and here for three of my favorites).  So . . . I thought I'd post about hubby's grandfather, Bert Weir.  Bert painted the paintings seen in shots of our living room, dining room & guest bedroom:

I picked this one out

This pair was a wedding gift!

Hubby had these paintings when I met him - score!

These were a Christmas gift

We feel so honored to have some of his artwork in our home.  And it is so generous of him to have gifted us with so many beautiful pieces.  Bert is an amazing artist and a remarkable person.  Below are some more pictures of his work.  His lovely wife, Joy Allan, takes wonderful pictures of his artwork and is a talented artist herself.  Bert has also written and illustrated books and there is a recently published book about him!  Click any of the titles for more info on a particular piece, or check out his website here.

Wave3.JPG (52163 bytes)
Wave Series # 3



Pattern Series # 1


Adder's Tongue

Swamp in Full Moon