This bedroom almost has an invisible line of division, of girl versus boy - it's a perfect example of an unconventional bedroom. Anna loves knick-knacks and vintage, she has her own blog called, Yes Brian You Look Terrific. And her other half is a musician. So, in case you hadn't already guessed, this bedroom doubles up as a music studio and as a result Anna has had to seriously reign in her ‘stuff.’ As Anna says, she has had to create her own little areas, as her things were taking over. At first glance this room looks manic, but it actually feels quite peaceful, however, I think it does have the potential to get a bit hectic, especially when Anna's sorting through her clothes, her boyfriend is moving about, doing his music, and Arthur the cat is springing around getting up to all sorts of mischief. Once a timid rescue cat, Arthur is now a star in his own right and some of his antics can be seen here on a blog called Cat Party.
I asked Anna what she’d save if the bedroom were on fire, she said, “Well, obviously Arthur, and the computer, the computer is so important, it has all of my boyfriends music on it. And I’d quickly grab some photos too.”

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