ell, I thought I'd go ahead and do today's 10Corners about our own home...grudgingly. Especially, given that it's always a work in progress and well, um... you know how that is!! We allll know how that is! I always feel like that saying "cobbler's children have no shoes." Like I'm always writing about decor, but my house is an ever changing disaster zone! I'm always moving this and I'm always moving that. I'm guessing living with me must be no treat. But, that's okay! Keeps things fun! : ) That's the way I see it!! : ) So, here I just snapped some pictures of some corners of our home. As you can see from some of the pics, I snapped them during the holidays... so you may see a stocking here or there. I think there's a poinsettia in there somewhere too! Oops! I hope you enjoy them! I sure enjoy living here. It may not be a big ol' mansion, but we fill it with lots of love and laughter and those are the greatest decor tips you can apply to any home! : )
Tomorrow is ... Friday!! Yippee!!! My faaaaavorite daaay! I now leave you with just a few pictures of me taken by photographer Sarah Wert of Modern Kids Photography. I met Sarah at the Alt Summit. Check out her blog here. Thanks for the photo shoot Sarah!! You're the greatest! : )

Happy Decorating and Happy Weekend!!


P.S. The jacket I'm wearing is fair trade & hand stamped in India. I purchased it locally at eco-friendly boutique Why Not Boutique in South Tampa. They have the cutest clothes. If you live in the Bay area... you should definitely check them out!! Tell Jen I sent ya!