The Jetsons – A Mid-Century Vision of the Future.
Muse for Modern Furniture and Interior Design – Part 1

Yancey and I love to watch movies and look at books and magazines and “spin” new furniture and home décor ideas from these muses. The Jetsons makes a great muse for that process.

Loved this show as a kid. Only recently have I rediscovered how COOL the home décor is. Futuristic, but also very mod/mid-century modern.

The Jetsons lived in a utopian future – the year 2062. Animated by Irv Spector, the first show aired in 1962-63. It was his vision of the future, but seems very influenced by mid-century modern furniture of his day- and very fresh today.

I see clean lines, organic forms, lots of open space, great glass walls, electronica, big screen TVs, and modern furniture forms that float on light feet, with a Bauhaus/Eames feel to them. Groovy stuff!

In posts to follow another day, it’s cool to compare The Jetsons to the vibe Walt Disney created with Tomorrowland – also a cool muse. Finally, we’ll take a look at how this look might translate into a futuristic reality in real décor today. Hope you enjoy!

Shine on! Braxton

The Sketches...
Nice coffee table, pendant lamps, dropped ceiling, desk...

Electronica dropped from ceiling, balancing table/chairs

Of course, an early bigscreen - this man had vision!

Great styling on the control panel. very mid-century auto dashboard

Nice open lobby. Dig the futuristic satallite dish!

The architecture. Spaceship styling.


Dig the plant, fantastic glass wall, sofa, elevator tube and ceiling treatment!

The little lady working hard, controller in hand...fingers SOOO tired at the end of the day

Again, a life of leisure in the future - the chair and plant stand are cool

The day job! Hey, it pays the bills...

Celebrating 2000. Hey the power's still on, the water is working...:)