Seriously.  Where?  Below is my collection, thusfar:

Tried to crop my crap out of the way . . .
and used "auto-edit" which seemed to deem lighter, better

But it has been in limbo for awhile.  The pair, second from the end on the right, were a gift from my hubby and really the only ones that have made it onto a wall for a substantial amount of time.  The rest of the collection didn't feel "full" enough.  Ever.  And then when I thought I finally had "enough" for now, I didn't know where to put them . . .

But, I found this awesome post on Design is Mine, via Making it Lovely, and now I feel inspired.  Below are my three favorite pictures, which might just help me get my silhouettes outta the basement, and onto a wall.  Any other ideas?  Should I reframe them? Some of mine are in new frames, others are not.



On the topic of collecting . . . some more inspirational photos.