I've never been very good at making New Years resolutions.  I usually make a half hearted attempt at writing them down around 11:30 on new years eve, then by Jan. 2nd I've forgotten most of them, then a week later any resolve I ever had is gone.

So this year in place of resolutions I have a single goal: focus.  That's it, focus.  And in order to get that much needed focus, I've made myself a weekly schedule which I am about to share with you.  I'll not bore you with details (although I will be boring Braxton with them later) but my hope is that if I post them here I will have a much better chance at actually following through.  So, here goes:

On Mondays and Wednesdays will focus on research and promoting this blog.  Apparently there are quiet a few elementary aspects to blogging that are completely lost to me, such as linking, key words, and the codes which are necessary for promotion (what tha???).  BTW:  if any of you has a blog and would like to link up with Braxton and Yancey please e-mail me at acornelves@aol.com.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I will focus on research and marketing our design business and individual products we have designed (more on this later).

On Fridays I will blog a weekly DIY.  Some of these will be considerably more involved than others, but there will be something each week, I promise (did I really just say that?).

Sat and Sun will be spent focusing on educating myself on interior design, product design, fabric design, photography, etc.  Whew! 

Now, on to something more interesting.  I bring you The daily naked.  This is a photo of the lamp (we call the naked lamp) which we designed last year.  I have inserted a photo I took of the holly berries in our back yard.

Here is the same lamp once the photo is lit up.  I will now endeavor to provide you with a link to our ebay site.  Drum roll please.  Damn.  I'll work on that, see above.
Anyway, I will be posting a Daily Naked everyday with a different photograph inside the lamp each time.
By the way, we really appreciate our readers, but would love to reach more of you, so, if you enjoy this blog please tell a friend!