I thought I'd leave you for the weekend with some pictures from my recent trip to Chicago... That's me (above) vowing to hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. : )
Laying down on the sky deck at the Willis Tower (Former "Sears" Tower). And... yes... it is alllll glass!

My sister snapped this picture of me in action as I snapped pictures of the city...

Moi! On Michigan Ave.

Me again! I feel so 1920s in this photograph!

Chicago, IL... isn't it pretty? : )

From the 104th floor of the Willis Tower

I just loved these fixtures... they're so boho. Just had to snap a pic of them!

Me! This is in the Willis Tower on the queue up to the Sky Deck.

Sorry, but I usually make my coffee run wherever I am!

Snowman family! Being from Florida, I'm always mesmerized by snow!

How can I not visit my favorite store? Come on now! Anthro in Highland Park. I scored some pretty sweeeeet deals!


Michigan Ave.

This is actually a still shot of a video I shot for my hubby who was back home. : )

Laying on the Sky Deck. Pretty surreal experience. A tad scary. Just a tad. You know, being that it's 104 floors above ground and all!

Picture taken with my cell phone. Pretty nifty, eh?

Black and White photo of the city...

Downtown Chicago... retro style. : )

Striking a pose apparently... : -/

I hope you enjoyed the pics!

And so... I leave you with a glimpse of my holiday trip to Chi-Town, USA. : ) Beautiful city. Lots of fun. Very inspiring. Loved it. Have a beautiful weekend everyone! See ya Monday!
Happy Decorating!